In addition to the requirement for regular liquid distribution the internal has to meet following requirements:

  • pressure drop in the gas phase should be low,
  • part should be resistant against dirt or solids in the liquid,
  • high turn down ratio,
  • low entrainment of droplets,
  • prevention of irregular gas distribution,
  • prevention of wall effect on liquid flow.

The following types of liquid distributors are available:

  • distribution tray
  • trough-type distributor
  • ladder-type distributor
  • spray nozzle-type distributor

Following principles of liquid distribution are used:

  • by orifices at the bottom of distribution troughs or by drip tubes with side perforations
  • overflow distribution by slots at the side of the troughs or by overflow spouts
  • nozzles
Each of the types and principles listed above has its specific advantages and disadvantages. We will be happy to assist you with our experience to find the appropriate type for your requirements (with regard to column diameter, liquid load, operation range…).